Our DNA makes us effective problem solvers

We are banking business and risk management professionals first, and hence we are well aligned with our clients’ business context and the priorities of the different business stakeholders involved in the problem solving exercise – sense of déjà vu in many cases. This naturally helps us keep an unwavering focus on business objective or issue being solved for, thereby ensuring for our clients,

  • An optimal solution that is fit-for-purpose, rather than force-fitted
  • Technology is used to redesign rather than simply automate existing processes

Vertical lift-off

Our contextual familiarity gives us a huge leverage to marginalise engagement slack for our clients

  • we lift-off vertically avoiding the traditional taxiing
  • Minimal time for requirement understanding and document drafting
  • Minimal time for requirement understanding and document drafting
  • Pre-packaged solution modules that are loosely coupled
  • Experience-led training
  • Effective ability to work across multiple client departments

In real terms, our clients tend to benefit in terms of crunched engagement time and minimal time demanded from client stakeholders.

We participate through the risk management lifecycle

While we possess rich domain expertise, cutting-edge technology skill-sets and advanced decision science capabilities, we appreciate that the proportion of these 3 factors in an engagement depends largely on the position of the client organisation on the risk value chain.

True to our business solution focus, our participation with banks and financial institutions is across the risk value chain – right from customer origination to compliance and regulatory metrics management. No matter where in the value-chain an organisation is, our solutions tend to be ROI sensitive as they are fit-for-purpose and designed through first-hand experience.