AstraGinger is a leading provider of Risk Consulting and Decision Management Solutions for Banks and Financial Services (BFS), which are delivered with a stamp of practitioner’s perspective and pragmatism thereby ensuring ROI-sensitive engagements.

AstraGinger is led by a team of professionals who are Bankers and Risk Mangers by DNA and pragmatic business managers at heart, with a relentless focus on problem-solving rather than siloed technology or academic insights. The leadership brings to the table 100+ cumulative years of first-hand operational banking experience woven with expertise on Technology and Consulting.

Industry context

The global economic crisis of 2008, widely regarded by many as one of the biggest since the great depression of 1930’s, has exposed a number of systemic weaknesses related to risk management practices, both strategic and tactical. According to experts, there are 3 fundamental and paradigm-redefining factors that stand out,

A. Risk Management is not a support function for a financial institution; on the contrary it is the central purpose of a its existence and hence should dictate its strategies and policies

B. The crisis occurred despite heavy investments by banks & financial institutions in sophisticated Technology and Advanced Decision Science

C. Quantitative methods should support and not drive decision making – effective risk management is about good contextual judgement supported by quantitative methods.

Our beginning

The leadership, having experienced the journey from pre-crisis frenzy to post-crisis reconstruction, is fully appreciative of 3 factors mentioned above. Our experience in addressing and solving such business situations as line professionals and risk practitioners gave us the conviction that this value creation can be replicated for the banking and financial services fraternity at large. And thus was born AstraGinger.

The leadership is team of senior professionals with first-hand experience in banking and financial services who have expertise in solving complex business situation cost-effectively through a balanced mix of pragmatic consultation, cutting-edge technology and prudent decision science.


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